Food and motherhood always come hand-in-hand. The moment a woman becomes a mom, she is able, through her body, feed her child. And this ability, soon grows into responsibility, and then joy. 

And soon enough, exhaustion.

Our mom friend Camille King always knew how to cook but it wasn't until lockdown happened that she really began cooking full time for her mom and her 14-year-old daughter. It wasn't an easy feat, she said.

Camille King and her daughter enjoy their time in the kitchen

"It is tiring to cook everyday," Camille admits. "It entails so much effort from menu planning, food preparation, cooking and cleaning up after!"

According to Camille, "the ready-to-cook and ready-to-heat meals from The Seven Pantry really help during days when I don't feel like cooking. In addition, they are also very delicious."

She highlights three things that they enjoyed very much: The par cooked chicken fingers from Jam Foods and Fearless Apron's pizza kits for her daughter and the Malagos Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix for her.

As its name suggests, the par cooked chicken comes already half-cooked so that all you need to do is air-fry it, pan-fry it, or put it straight to the oven for a hassle-free cooking. Like nuggets, they're familiar and delicious; a fast crowd favorite and one that will please the pickiest of eaters.   

The pizza kit from Fearless Apron meanwhile comes with everything that you'll need — all the way to the dusting flour and instructions — that all you have to do is knead the flour, top, top, top, and put in the oven. It makes for a 10-inch pizza, serves two, and has zero hassles.  

"My daughter asked if I made everything — I am not afraid to try new recipes so she thought I prepared them. As much as I wanted to say I did, I couldn't lie. She enjoyed everything so much," Camille shared.

For Camille however, it was the Malagos Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix that did it. "The chocolate chunks were not too sweet but very chocolatey," she observed. "The mix reduced steps in baking as everything was pre-measured," she added.

Camille loves all things DIY, so preparing meals this lockdown certainly provided an outlet for her creativity. "But as much as I love DIY, there really isn't time to DIY as I have other activities to do," she said.

"So I love having the option of ready made, quality kits from the Seven Pantry."

Camille King


May 04, 2021 — The Seven Pantry