There isn't a better gift this Christmas than food: It's practical, it's enjoyable, you can share it with others, and with the items listed below, you can skip the whole wrapping and unwrapping part because they already come in neat and pretty packaging.

In case you needed a quick buy, some stocking stuffers, or better ideas, see our list below:   

1. Sugarbee's Alfajores 

They come in a dainty silver tin can, tied up with a ribbon too, that receiving one feels like something special is in store. It's not a fabrication: It contains 20 pieces of delicious dulce de leech cookie sandwiches. (P450. Buy it here)


2. Vikitchen's Deep Dark Chocolate Brownies 

These brownies are rich, dark, and delicious, they will easily come across as a special find. They come in a pretty box too, complete with a ribbon and adorned with a paper pompom of a flower. Nobody will know it's a last-minute effort on your part. (Starts P300. Buy it here)


3. Twelve Loaves Chocolate Babka 

The graceful swirl of chocolate greeting anybody receiving a box of this treat will certainly make the recipient smile and feel like it's her lucky day. (P380. Buy it here)

4. Insanely Good's Grazing Box 

It comes in a tidy, white box with a transparent cover, showcasing the delectable goodies inside. Untie the classy black ribbon, open the box up and serve as is. A smart and delicious gift, isn't it? (Starts P950. Buy it here)

5. Corndog DIY Kit from Berry's Deli 

Corndogs are such a delight and receiving a box that allows you to make 24 of them will surely be a hit. Berry's Deli Corndog DIY Kit comes neatly packaged in a box, with a cute label that can only make the recipient more excited. (P520. Buy it here)

6. Comer y Comic Flavored Butter 

These flavored butter come as 100g bars and are neatly tucked into a nice box. It's a nice token give and hand out to unexpected visitors dropping by. (P250. Buy them here)

7. D's Table Banana Nibblers 

Opening a box is like being welcomed into a party. There are 16 pieces of assorted Banana Nibblers inside, with toppings indicating what flavor a piece is. Collectively, they look incredibly fun and inviting. (P469. Buy it here)

8. Boodle in a Bilao by Tableworth 

Unlike most items on this list, Tableworth's Boodle in a Bilao is no small object. A big meal, practically a fiesta, the boodle is beautifully presented in a lovely bilao complete with a banana leaf lining inside, a cover and a matching string to boot, too. Consider this one of those "from our family to yours" items. (P4,200. Buy it here)


9. Noel in the Kitchen's Chèvre and Chive Cheesecake 

The golden box in which this gem of a creation comes may look a tad too simple. But that window on the box allows for a sneak peek to what's inside: A spectacular little cheesecake with a potato chip crust, the premise of which is enough to make anybody feel special. (P600. Buy it here) 

10. Chili Chili Bang Bang Gift Pack 

Chili Chili Bang Bang has nifty gift packs on offer. Whether it's a jar with chips, two jars of each dip, they come packaged in a bag presentable enough, you won't need to rewrap them anymore. (Starts P350. Buy it here)


11. Sourdough Bread from Leah's Pantry 

It's not just any bread. It's sourdough bread. It comes wrapped in a brown parchment paper, tied up with a string for a lovely homemade rustic feel. (Starts at P200. Buy it here)

12. Aly's Cookies 

We've never met a cookie that we didn't like, and Aly's? We love. They offer a sampler box that come in a nice packaging, so you can hand it out and spread some joy! (P450. Buy it here)



December 11, 2020 — The Seven Pantry