Often, we think of food and motherhood as a one-way street, with mothers always giving and feeding and nourishing their kids. 

But as Nadine Henson-Cuevas says, food has also allowed her to spend quality time with her children, not to mention giving her an outlet to teach as well as to learn.

"I have always been intimidated by the kitchen so cooking is not something I would do often, let alone make it a bonding session with the kids," says the mom of two.

Spending a lot of time at home has nudged Nadine to try and learn new things in the kitchen, and get her kids to learn with her, too.

Calling her kids "pizza monsters," Nadine says Fearless Apron's pizza kit is the perfect activity to do with them.

The Fearless Apron's pizza kit makes two, 10-inch pizzas

The pizza kit comes with everything you'll need to make a delicious pizza: dough, tomato-based pizza sauce, dusting flour, oil, cheese, instructions, and bacon as topping. 

But Nadine's children, seven-year-old Alonso and four-year-old Adriana didn't just fix the kit as it came — they also got creative and made the pizza as they liked it. 

"It is highly engaging," Nadine continues. "It allows them to be creative with designing and adding their own choice of toppings. They added pineapple tidbits to make it into a Hawaiian Delight!" 


Nadine admits the experience wasn't without a hiccup. "Kneading the dough became tricky and challenging," she said. 

"I had to remind them it was just like playdoh!" She laughs. 

"But the kids really enjoyed preparing the pizza just as much a they enjoyed eating it!" Nadine continued.  

 Nadine had to pose and smile with their finished product

As with most things, it always helps to have a prize at the end of the activity — as a way to motivate, as a reward, and most importantly perhaps, as a way to show your appreciation to your kids; for showing up and preparing the meal. 

In Nadine's case, it was a box of Bo Bear classic crinkles for her daughter Adriana, which as the photo shows, she clearly enjoyed. 

Nadine's daughter Adriana enjoying her Bo Bear crinkles

May 08, 2021 — The Seven Pantry