"If you believe there's no such thing as too much garlic, this is for you!"  - Food 52

Samin Norsat (of "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat" fame) had a great Herbed Garlic Bread recipe that Amanda Hesser published on Food52. It's also included in Amanda Hesser's new book "The Essential New York Times Cookbook."
We tweaked it just a bit, using ingredients from The Seven Pantry, of course. 

How to make the best Herbed Garlic Bread

ILC Garlic Bread

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time: Approx 45 mins-1 hr
Serving Suggestion: Perfect as is, or with pasta or soup!
Serving Size: Good for 6 pax

Here's what we used:

All ingredients on the table!

Yogi Brunch
This Sicilian Garlic Confit from Yogi Brunch cuts the process in half! No more chopping needed! You can just smash it right into the butter.

Future Fresh Basil
Our ever reliable source for SUPER FRESH herbs and greens: Future Fresh

 Twelve Loaves
Really good bread as our base:  Banh Mi from Twelve Loaves to make the perfect garlic bread!

Get Started! Prepare everything you need:

  • Place your butter in a bowl, cover, and let it soften naturally by leaving it at room temperature. You may want to do this a few hours before preparing everything else!
  • Wash all fresh herbs and pat them dry before chopping them
  • Slice your bread diagonally from the short end side,  about quarter of an inch thick,so that it’s still strung together by the crust - as though slices would open like a book
  • To make the herbed butter: mix softened butter, Sicilian garlic confit, arugula & basil pesto in a bowl and set aside
  • To make the herb filling: coarsely chop fresh basil and parsley, combine, then add a dash of salt and olive oil and set aside

 Assemble, Toast, and Eat:

    1. Line up your baking sheet or alimimun sheet with foil, big enough that you can wrap around and seal it with the bread inside
    2. Assemble your semi-sliced bread in the middle of the sheeted pan
    3. Slab generous amounts of herbed butter onto the creases of the bread- where you sliced it open
    4. Wrap and seal the foil
    5. Put it in the oven (or toaster) for 20 mins at 350F or until crunchy on the outside. Check every ten minutes and turn the bread so it is evenly toasted.
    6. Remove from oven when you see it a bit golden brown and toasted to perfection. This should be crusty on the outside and soft inside!
    7. Insert the chopped fresh herbs in those same creases for added freshness and serve immediately!

      Option to freeze and eat later (This can last in the freezer for months!):

      1. Follow steps 1-3 above
      2. Insert the chopped fresh herbs in those same creases where you brushed your butter
      3. Wrap in foil and place in an air-tight zip lock
      4. Ready to freeze!

      Herbed garlic bread fresh from the oven! DRINK WITH WHITE WINE OMG 🥂



      "Found this recipe in Food 52's instagram page and Amanda Hesser made it look so good that I wanted to try it! I must say - this recipe is a game changer! So fragrant, flavorful and so easy to make! It's good as is (with wine) or with your favorite seafood soup or pasta. It's the best pairing to upgrade any meal. Perfect if you want to impress someone!"  - Isa C.

      Herbed garlic bread with the best garlic butter clams with white wine and cream sauce (recipe soon)



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      January 05, 2022 — The Seven Pantry

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