A rich stew featuring a slew of vegetables and tender, succulent, and often sinful pieces of of meat, Kare-Kare often only makes an appearance on special and important occasions. 

Of course: Kare-Kare is hard to make. To begin with, traditionalists won't settle for anything less than crushed peanuts for sauce. These days, busy cooks use peanut butter to save on time and energy, and then makes up for it by using incredible cuts of meat. Of course a wide variety of vegetables isn't forgotten, as the necessary bagoong. 

Our resident home cook Ally Madamba even did a one-up and included coconut milk to make Bagnet Kare-Kare sa Gata. 

Check out her recipe below:


garlic and onion
- annatto oil
- glutinous rice flour
- 1/4 C bagoong guisado from 22x
- 1/2 C Martie's No B.S. Peanut Butter
- 600ml coconut milk
- 1 C beef stock
- Bagnet from Ilocaneza


1. Toast glutinous rice flour in medium heat. You'll know when it's done when it smells like polvoron and becomes light brown in color. Set aside.
2. While waiting for the glutinous rice to get toasted, boil your choice of vegetables and chop your garlic and onions
3. Heat some annatto oil and saute your onions and garlic
4. Add your bagoong
5. Add your peanut butter
6. Add the coconut milk
7. Add the beef stock
8. Boil and simmer until it's reduced
9. Season with salt and pepper
10. Add the toasted rice flour (the one that smells like polvoron!) to thicken
11. Meanwhile, reheat the bagnet in the oven at 400F for 10 mins
12. Plate and enjoy!

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide!


June 18, 2021 — The Seven Pantry

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