Two Mushroom and Kale for a Hearty and Healthy Brunch

Here is a total power meal you can easily whip up for a long and lazy weekend brunch.

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time: Approx 30 mins
Serving Size: 4-6 pax

To make this, you’ll need:


Here’s what to do:
Sauté onions then add two mushrooms and baby kale. Top with eggs until cooked
Assemble the layers: toasted bread, Stracciatella, sautéed kale and two mushrooms, egg

Sauteed Kale and Two Mushrooms with Eggs can be enjoyed as is or with bread

For a more filling brunch : Slab a generous amount of Stracciatella on the bread, top if with sautéed Kale and Two Mushrooms with Eggs
Now this is what you call "Breakfast of Champions!"



The Power of Really GOOD Ingredients

Immune boosting, nutrient rich, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superfood. Need we say more? A lush photo of some baby kale from @gofuturefresh to remind you to be good, do good, and keep good - especially to ourselves.

Two MushroomsThis little 🍄 dip that can! A blend of a couple of organic mushrooms and garlic in olive oil, @yogibrunchph’s Two Mushroom Dip also makes for a tasty sauce and even a spread. We like pairing it up with stracciella cheese for a nibble that’s super tasty even if it’s meatless.

Assemble and Eat: Good to go toast with just Straciatella and two mushroom dip

Same product, new look!



Blog Entry and Recipe by: The Seven Pantry
Ingredients from The Seven Pantry

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