TSP x ANTHILL Abaca Bucket Limited Edition (Pakwan/Pomelo Pink)

₱521.25 ₱695.00

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Versatility at its best. Don't just limit your beautiful Abaca Bucket to one purpose. Use it for your everyday needs, take it to the beach, or employ it as a handy home organizer.

This Abaca Bucket, a result of our collaboration with ANTHILL Fabric Gallery and the skilled artisans of Cebu, is more than just eco-conscious packaging. It's a stylish, sustainable solution designed with a purpose – encouraging reuse with each use. It's a beautiful, practical piece that embodies the essence of our commitment to both aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

  • Every purchase comes with a gift tag and ribbon (ribbon colors are assigned to the size of the bag for consistency, but subject to availability- Red, Blue, Green or Black only)
  • Colors: Pakwan Pink SMALL (Horizontal Weave), Pomelo Pink SMALL (Vertical Weave)
  • Small: 23cm H x 22cm L x 11cm W, handle approx. 8cm

All our abaca bags are handmade from natural materials. It is possible that you may spot differences in shape and color as a natural reaction to the materials. These products are locally sourced and made by our partner community in Cebu.

For BULK AND CUSTOMIZED ORDERS AND REQUESTS, please email thesevenpantry@gmail.com or fill out the form below.