Fruit Tea Concentrate (Honey Peach, Watermelon, Lemon & Kumquat/ 250ml, set of 3, or 2L)


JWC Fruit Tea Concentrates: A Refreshing, Vitamin-Rich Alternative

JWC Fruit Tea Concentrates offer a vibrant and healthful alternative to sugary beverages. Packed with real fruit pieces and naturally sweetened, these concentrates deliver a burst of flavor and essential vitamins in every sip. Perfect for those seeking a guilt-free pick-me-up or on-the-go hydration, JWC Fruit Tea Concentrates can also add a unique twist to your next cocktail creation.


  • Lemon Kumquat: Mild citrus notes with a pleasant tarty finish
  • Honey Peach Assam: Ripe Fruit with balanced sweetness
  • Watermelon Assam: Light tropical fruit reminiscent of your last sunny beach escapade

Bottle Options: Approx. 250ml or a set of 3, or 2L. Refrigerate once opened and consume in 3 months

Ingredients: Freshly brewed Assam Tea,  Natural Fruit Preserves, Unrefined Sugar Filtered Water. No artificial preservatives added. 

Single-serve: Mix on a 1:3 ratio. 1 part Fruit Tea (40mL), mix to 120mL of water (or soda water).