Chorizo (Chistorra, El Abuelo, Picante, Sobrasada/250g, Cantimpalo or Criollo/350g, or Chorizo Sampler)

₱306.00 ₱360.00

  • Locally made Spanish chorizo using premium meat
  • No extenders, no binders
  • Chistorra is slightly garlicky great for tapas and pica pica or have it for breakfast with eggs
  • El Abuelo is  mostly used in fabada and other dishes that require chorizo such as puchero or paella
  • Picante is slightly spicy chorizo
  • Sobrasada is like a chorizo pate, no need to cook, just thaw and serve with fresh hot bread
  • Cantimpalo has a thicker casing so that it can be barbecued without the skin falling apart so quickly. Slice while frozen. When cooking, handle gently so that they do not break apart in the pan.
  • Criollo Locally made Argentinian chorizo using premium meats, no extenders, and no binders.
  • Chorizo Sampler includes Chistorra (250g), El Abuelo (250g), Picante (250g), Sobrasada (250g), and Cantimpalo (350g)