Cerveza Negra Pork Belly Ham (600g, 1.2kg, 3kg)


  • Home cured Cerveza Negra Pork Belly Ham (fully cooked)
  • Ingredients: Premium pork belly, citrus juices, cerveza negra, brown sugar, cinnamon and herbs
  • Each set comes with 2 Sauces: Truffle Fig Sauce and Green Mango & Wansoy Relish
  • Approx. 600g, 1.2kg, or 3kg
  • To reheat:
    OVEN: Heat oven to 325F for approx. 15-20 mins (fat side up)
    PAN FRY: Slice thinly and pan fry in butter, in low heat
  • Storage and shelf life: 3 months when frozen. 1 week refrigerated