Bottled Fish Dips & Spreads (Smoked Fish Tapenade, Tuyo con Picante, Atún y Quesos)

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Ships November 7, 2022

Versatility is one of the greatest attributes of these spreads, simply because these can be used in a variety of ways. Slather them between some good, grilled bread and add a soft melt-y cheese, use them as a pasta sauce, or simply enjoy as a dip to crackers or veggies for lighter an healthier snack.

Smoked Fish Tapenade 

  • Smoked Herring from Batangas, olives, shallots, saffron and tartufata
  • Good with pasta, sandwiches and as an appetizer
  • This simple spread is so good, and even goes well with eggs and toast for breakfast! It is light and fresh-tasting, and the subtle smokiness will win you many compliments!

Tuyo con Picante

  • Dried salty herring, olive oil, two kinds of tomatoes, olives, homemade sriracha
  • Good with rice, pasta, salad and as an appetizer

Atún y Quesos

  • Tuna, Garlic, Mushrooms, Kesong Puti from Cavite, Queso de bola, pili nuts from Bicol
  • Good with pasta, Sandwiches, and as an appetizer
  • An elevated take of a classic tuna and cheese!