Arva Tempe Chips: Truffle Crispy Tempe Chips (80g)


Healthy with a hint of luxe & umami.

Nutritional Info:

Serving Size: 15g
Total Calories: 90 Calories
Calories from fat: 50 Calories

Ingredients: Fermented Soybean (90%), Sago Flour (10%), Palm Oil, Truffle Oil, Salt and Spices


  • Benefit 1: A High-Protein Snack
  • Benefit 2: Baked, Not Fried
  • Benefit 3: Low-carb, Low-calorie, and Lowin sodium
  • Benefit 4: Contains Natural Fibers, Good for Digestion

What is tempe?

  • It’s a fermented soy product
  • Popular vegetarian meat replacement
  • Traditional Indonesian food made fromfermented soybeans, then pressed into a compact cake to be steamed, sauteed, fried or baked.
  • Dry and firm but chewy texture and slightly nutty taste

Allergen: Soybean

Serving Suggestion: Pair it, dip it, or straight up enjoy it.

Shelf Life: 10 months from manufactured date. For best quality, consume within 1 week of opening.