TSP Valentine's Day Chocolate Set + Spruce Red Lily Bouquet (chocolates only or with Merlot)


Inside a medium blue TSP signature banig bag:

  • CMV Txokolat Pomelo in Dark Chocolate Bar (125g)
  • CMV Txokolat Mango & Cashew in Roasted Milk Chocolate Bar (125g)
  • CMV Txokolat Salt & Pepper in Roasted White Chocolate Bar (125g)
  • Tigre y Oliva Taladang Chocolate Bar (70g)
  • Tigre y Oliva Sta. Maria Chocolate Bar (70g)
  • Tigre y Oliva Tupi Chocolate Bar (70g)
  • Tigre y Oliva Dark Milk Bar (70g)
  • Tigre y Oliva  Coconut Milk Bar (70g)
  • Malagos Mini Gift Set (dark chocolate, 3pcs)
  • Your choice between chocolates only or with Conquesta Merlot (750ml)
  • Comes with small Red Lily bouquet from Spruce Floral Designs