Baba's Kitchen Breakfast (USDA Beef Tapa, Chorizo or Longganisa Hubad/500g or Breakfast Patties/pack of 4)


  • USDA Beef Tapa (500g). Sweet and salty with perfect marbling. 
  • Chorizo Hubad (500g). Dumaguete-style chorizo. Salty and garlicky perfect with rice or as pica-pica.
  • Longganisa Hubad (500g). Typical sweet and garlicky Filipino longganisa without the casing. Best served crispy with rice.
  • Breakfast patties (pack of 4). Homemade version of everybody's favorite sausage muffin breakfast. Best served as a sandwich.
  • All have a shelf life of 6 months in the freezer 
  • Cooking suggestion: Pan fry with no or minimum oil until crispy