TSP Bayong G4 - Pasalubong


  • TSP Signature Banig Bags in collaboration with Island Girl are made from pandan, by local communities of Cebu
  • PANDAN MINI BAYONG (large-green): 19 cm L x 12cm W x 28 cm H, handle approx 8 cm

  • Inside a large green bag are:
    • APP Ilocos Chicharon Bagnet Original (120g) or Chich & Ron Chicharon from Cebu (200g) 
    • Cuyo Island Kasuy Pugon Buo (250g)
    • Chich & Ron Dried Mangoes (200g)
    • Kelly & Co Snacks Uraro (270g)
    • Tommy's Cornicks from Quezon (250g)

  • Each banig bag comes with a ribbon and a gift tag (ribbon colors are assigned to the size of the bag for consistency, but subject to availability- Red, Blue, Green only)
  • All our signature pandan bags are handmade from natural materials. It is possible that you may spot differences in shape and color as a natural reaction to the materials. These products are locally sourced and made by our partner community in Cebu.

For BULK AND CUSTOMIZED ORDERS AND REQUESTS, please email thesevenpantry@gmail.com. Earliest delivery is first week of November.